An Internet Marketing Success Story

Online success stories are often riddled with exaggerations, half-truths, or even lies. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to in order to convince others that they are the real deal, a guru, the one to follow, so that they might part with some cash to buy their product.

Success stories like this annoy me, for they damped the real success stories, and make people jaded. There are plenty of real people earning real money online just through hard work, yet these scammers will have the whole Internet doubted before too long.

In order to show people otherwise, I’ve decided to include a little success story of my own. This is not something that will wow many people, as the money is not huge. However, it demonstrates that there is legitimacy online, and will give hope to some of those who have  online income aspirations  of their own.

I just got back from a short trip to Thailand. I live in Asia myself, so it was easy to make a quick hop. I stayed in Bangkok (5 nights) and Phuket (3 nights). More on this later.

I started building websites and trying to make money through internet marketing about December 2012, and slowly over the first half of 2013 i have seen a bit of success and incomes increasing. In May I earned over $1,200 USD, which I felt was an incredible amount. A large part of that money came from a one-off sale of one of my early websites though, so I knew it wouldn’t necessarily always be that high.

One thing that has always attracted me to Internet Marketing was not these big, overnight income stories that are littered around, but more the ability to work from anywhere. I didn’t exactly want to spend my whole time in Thailand writing and working away, but I did take my laptop with me and check some stats, make some updates, and keep in the loop with my websites.

I thought it was pretty cool that I could go out exploring in the afternoon, then come home and write an article or two in the evening before I went to bed.

I made sure not to overdo it though. i focused on my holiday first, and just did a little bit of writing to keep momentum and consistency of my sites up. I didn’t spend a long time fretting about this or that, I just wrote a quick blog post for an hour or so and got on with my holiday.

Despite only writing one or two articles to each website once, or twice a week during my trip, I still managed to earn enough online to pay for my Phuket hotel (and a little left over).

I thought this was incredible, because it means that as I go forward with my online business, I will be able to increase this amount, hopefully to the point where I can work from anywhere, as long as I have a laptop and internet connection.

As you can see, this isn’t a huge “wow he is so successful” story, but it is a “look at the small things you can achieve and work to make them larger” story.

Good luck with your own endeavors!

Why Digital Marketing is a Neccesity


Any company can significantly benefit from marketing. In fact, marketing is one of those areas that have changed so much. Many businesses are doing away with traditional marketing paradigms and embracing digital marketing so that they can grow. If you have not embraced digital marketing as an organization, then this guide will look at some of the reasons you should swiftly move towards it.

Leveling the Play Ground

Small businesses have always had problems competing with large and established organizations. These companies have the resources and a customer base that always gives them an upper hand. Luckily, this advantage is quickly mitigated when you turn to digital marketing. This is because the conversions that you get and even number of people you manage to reach is not based on the size of the business but rather how you implement your marketing plan. This gives small businesses a chance to get noticed.

It is Cheap

Traditional marketing is not only time consuming but also expensive. From printing adverts to paying TV and radio stations to run some of them, you may have to dig deep into your pocket. Luckily, you can cut down these costs by using digital marketing. Developing an online marketing plan and implementing is very cheap, and there are many professionals who can help you with that.

Easy to Measure ROI

One of the greatest business mistakes is employing a marketing technique that does not seem to be helping in bringing in new clients. You may use a lot of money on it without realizing that it is actually a waste of time. Digital marketing is one critical area that can help you overcome this. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, it allows you to measure and even track your conversions making it easy to gauge its success. This also gives you a chance to evaluate you marketing options so that you stick with those that are working for you.

Brand Awareness

Buyers will always want to be associated with a particular brand. As a small business owner, it takes time to build your brand image, and you need all resources available to do so. Digital marketing is a very effective tool when it comes to achieving this. It leverages the professionalism on your website and other online platforms to help you in not only reaching the target audience but also educating them about your products and services.

Greater Geographical Reach

Today, the number of people who rely on the internet for their day to day activities is at an all-time high. It is these high number that digital marketing tries to leverage to get you customers. Through the internet, you can reach people anywhere you choose. In fact, this option allows you to break geographical barriers and reach people all over the world and thanks to shipping services, you can easily deliver goods at their door steps.

It is More Engaging

You can create your adverts such that your audience is engaged all the time. Getting people engaged is one sure way of encouraging them to go ahead and make purchases. You can ask them to take action after going through your site or blog, and their feedback also gives you crucial information that you need in personalizing your products.

Digital marketing is a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. It will not only help you beat your competition but also give you unimaginable benefits that can see your small business grow tremendously over time.

5 Things Every Website Needs to Increase Conversions

A website is a valuable online marketing tool for any company. It is, in fact, your outlook to the world, and that is why it needs to be properly done. Despite its crucial role, many companies do not do much when it comes to it and thereby end up losing a lot of business. During website design, or even if you already have an existing site, then ensure that it has the following items.


Contact Information


Your website’s primary role is to bring in new business. You may have the right content but without a way of contacting you, your clients will not have confidence in you. Just because you have a cart that allows them to make purchases does not mean that the customers will be happy with that. Some of them simply visit your website for information or to make inquiries. Therefore, always ensure that you provide your contacts, preferably phone number and email address and these fields need to be explicitly placed.


A Targeting SEO Strategy


Search engine optimization is critical in helping you get noticed. Simply having a website is not enough to get you visibility, and that is where SEO comes in. A targeting SEO strategy will bring in new customers. If your site is lacking common SEO strategies like keyword optimization, then you may never get the new business that you seek.


Customer Testimonials


Before making a purchase, many people will always look for testimonials and reviews on the products. This is why these testimonials are important on your site. Provided they are honest, your visitors will find your services more tangible and credible. Furthermore, reviews and testimonials build trust in your services. When posting these reviews, ensure that they are on your homepage.


Strong Call to Action


The content must be informative but if you cannot tell readers what to do in the end then it will not be useful in getting you conversions. A strong call to action pushes the reader towards what you would wish them to do. For example, after listing your products on the website and their benefits, do you want your visitors to call you for more information, request for a quotation or go ahead and make a purchase? All this must be covered in the call to action. However, choose its wordings very carefully. If your call to action comes out as bossy, then many people will avoid it. Therefore, come up with one that tends to give the reader more freedom in making his or her decision.


Social Media Integration


The future of marketing is slowly moving to the different social media platforms. This means that as a company, you must have a profile on the numerous platforms and use it also in your marketing strategies. These platforms also need to be integrated with your website to allow customers and even potential ones to reach you through social media.



A website that incorporates these five items is very effective in conversions. As you implement them, also ensure that users can navigate easily from one page to another and fix any broken links for enhanced user experience.